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Umbria wheelchair users Todi accessible Italian tours.


Umbria wheelchair users Todi accessible Italian tours is a picturesque medieval hill town in Umbria, surrounded by medieval, Roman and Etruscan walls.

Although it's a hill town, its center at the top of the hill is flat.

The central piazza, originally the Roman Forum, has several beautiful medieval buildings.

Sights are close together and there are good places to linger, enjoying the views or the ambiance.

Umbria wheelchair users Todi accessible Italian tours or the surrounding countryside would make a peaceful base for visiting southern Umbria.

In late summer, the Todi Art Festival has art exhibits and drama, opera, classical music, and ethnic music performances and there are "summer evening" events scheduled throughout the summer.

Umbria wheelchair users Todi accessible Italian tours life here is as Italian as you are going to find, and is lived among tumbling streets and tiny alleys that seem stuck in the Middle Ages.

Despite a steady stream of visitors and day-trippers, it remains undisturbed by the bustle of modern tourism.

Umbria wheelchair users Todi accessible Italian tours there is also no better base for exploring Umbria: Spoleto, wine-making country around Montefalco, the art and architecture of Perugia, and foodie Bevagna are all within a short drive of the town walls.

Umbria wheelchair users Todi accessible Italian tours has one of central Italy's most photogenic piazzas.

There is nothing showy about Piazza del Popolo, just an understated serenity enclosed by the XIII century Palazzo del Capitano and Palazzo dei Priori.

Surveying it from one end is the minimalist façade and rose window of Todi's Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral.

The town's most photographed building stands just downhill from the walls: the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione was designed by Cola da Caprarola, and its divine geometry follows the classic Greek Cross pattern that became fashionable during the High Renaissance.

To get the best view of it and the hills of central Umbria that form its backdrop, climb the Campanile of San Fortunato Church.

Step back a couple of millennia back at Carsulae, a Roman resort in the 1st century AD.

You can still see the Basilica and Forum, and walk on the basalt flagstones of the Via Flaminia, the ancient road that once connected Rome with Rimini and the Adriatic coast.

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