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Sandie West
Waterloovile - UK
30th April 2012

We have just come back from a wonderful week in Italy, courtesy of the services provided by Vincenzo and his team.

We were very unsure about how we would get on in Italy as my husband uses a wheelchair, but I was encouraged by all the other positive testimonials and decided to go for it.

After a short flight to Florence airport, my husband, myself and my husband's carer were met at the airport by Enzo's driver, who drove us in his large wheelchair accessible van to our hotel.

We stayed at the Hotel TF01 in Florence for the whole week.

This hotel is only 10 - 20 minutes walk away from most of Florence's main attractions.

Our room and our carer's room were situated next to each other on the ground floor.

The disabled room and bathroom were spacious and clean, with ample toiletries and fresh towels supplied.

The staff were always very friendly and ready to help us in any way they could. We arranged to do several tours during our week, so Enzo's driver was engaged to be our guide.

She had just taken delivery of a brand new wheelchair accessible van, so we were honoured to be her first clients!

She is a local Florentine lady, who speaks good English and is very warm and friendly.

We did a tour to Siena and San Gimignano on one day and then to Pisa and Lucca on another day.

Each time, we were dropped off close to the entrance so as to minimise the distance of having to push the wheelchair.

It must be noted that there are cobbles everywhere - so be prepared for a bumpy ride if you are taking a wheelchair!

We also asked Vincenzo to organise a day trip on the train to Rome.

He arranged for our tickets and disabled seating in advance of our visit and we had the services of Enzo's driver to show us around the city.

He was a wonderful guide, with excellent English and a real passion for the city of his birth.

He dropped us off at the Vatican Museums so we could browse and see the marvellous Sistine Chapel.

Then he took us to look around St Peter's Basilica.

After that, we had a drive around Rome so we could take in the many sights.

We then had the pleasure of meeting Vincenzo at the end of the day!

So, to sum up, we had a lovely time in Italy.

We found that people were only too happy to offer assistance wherever we went, whether it was at the airport, the hotel, the museums, the galleries or the restaurants.

It was wonderful and we actually felt like VIPs sometimes when we were allowed to avoid the queues and have complimentary tickets to some of the major attractions.

We hope to visit again in the future.

Sandie & Alan West, Waterloovile, United Kingdom too.