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Carl Watson & Family
Darlington, Durham - UK
30th October 2006

Thanks are so many places to see in that part of Italy, too many to fit into a week.

We were surprised that there were so many places to visit that are wheelchair users and disabled accessible.

We had a really enjoyable holiday. Unfortunally my Mother's condition is progressive and her mobility is rapidly getting worse.

It was important for all of us to spend some time together on holiday.

When my Father was dying eight years ago, he also had problems with mobility. We had a fairly disastrous and stressful holiday in Greece.

I spent the first night with him in a hospital emergency department when he injured his leg just getting onto the transport bus at the airport after getting off the plane.

We stayed in accommodation that was pleasant but completely unsuitable for his disability so that he was confined to the room throughout our stay.

It was a terrible experience. It would have been so much easier just to have been able to stay in a place where the accommodation was more suitable.

It was very important for us this time to be able to get out and do things together.

The Circeo Hotel LSF1 facilities were ideal and it made so much difference to be able to have a Manual Wheelchair.

I think that what you are doing is really commendable and I wish you every success.

At last a few photographs from our holiday.

The National Park at Circeo is very beautiful and all of the paths we went on except the last few meters down to the lake were easily accessible with the wheelchair.

The Cistercian Abbey at Valvisciolo has a ramp and is all wheelchair users and disabled accessible.

We went to many places that were easily accessible.

My Mother enjoyed the holiday. We could not have managed without accessible accommodation and a wheelchair.

The Hotel LSF1 was an ideal place to stay. We could not have managed without your help. Many thanks again for all of your help and kindness.

Kind regards,

Carl Watson