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Kurt Pieples & Family
Miami - USA
14th September 2018

Our family of 4 had a wonderful trip because of Accessible Italian Holidays.

Here is what my husband had to say about our experience:

My daughter and her husband wanted to arrange a dream Italian vacation with my wife and I to see the sites and explore our Italian roots. We talked about taking this trip for years.

We contacted several travel agencies, explaining that I can’t walk or stand for more than about 5 minutes.

We wanted help to rent a wheelchair and advice on the best ways to include me in the trip without limiting the rest of our family.

Everyone we talked to said “in Italy EVERYONE walks!”.

When we were about ready to give up when we found Accessible Italian Holiday.

Enzo worked with us to arrange the itinerary we wanted and accessible ways to see everything.

Our guide had a handicapped van and an Electric Scooter selected for me, a good-sized man.

We got to Venice by boat with the Scooter and scootered through the ruins at Herculaneum.

I went everywhere, alongside my family, through the streets of Amelia, Murano, Burano, Sorrento, Bari and more.

Enzo provided superior customer service throughout our entire trip as he anticipated the needs of the whole family as well as of someone in a chair.

He provided additional much needed language translation for us when we wanted to meet up with our Italian cousins, as well.

Accessible Italian Holiday is much more than renting a scooter and a driver!

It is more than someone to plan your itinerary and book your hotels.

We were able to be flexible and rest when we needed and alter plans due to weather.

Thanks to Accessible Italian Holiday we had our dream Italian vacation!

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