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Arthur & Linda McIntyre
Oldtown, Dublin - Ireland
4th July 2007

My husband Arthur has end stage Parkinsons disease, chronic heart failure and other serious medical conditions and has been very ill for the last two years.

We dearly wanted to go on a foreign holiday but Arthur is in a wheelchair and hoist dependant.

He also has to use a comode and Wheel In Shower and has very special and complicated needs.

For him to have a holiday would require careful planning. Browsing the internet we found www.accessibleitalianholiday.com.

We e-mailed and almost immediately received a reply. We then got a phone call from Vincenzo.

We told him our requirements, an Electric Hoist, a comode shower chair etc.

We also explained that we would need a Carer morning and evenings to shower, toilet and dress Arthur.

We also required Transports, not just to and from the airport but on a daily basis.

Within 24 hours Enzo had it all arranged. We booked our holiday and with a lot of reservation we set off to Italy.

On arrival we were met by Enzo with special transport. He accompanied us to our Hotel LSF1 where he had arranged a meal.

He made sure we were settled in and showed us the equipment he had hired. ( this was top quality )

He introduced us to Arthur's carer.

Every day for the next ten days he arranged an outing. We had two days sightseeing Rome Accessible Tours.

He used his contacts to get us admissions without query. We then had two days shopping. The other days he brought us to little mountain villages, places in Italy that the usual tourist would not see.

All in all we saw more with Enzo than we would have if we had been alone.

We then moved on to another Hotel UA01 in Assisi.

Once again Enzo picked a very good hotel which was very disabled friendly.

The next four days we were escourted by Enzo's colleague Claudia. She also proved a great asset.

She was always on hand to make sure everything went smoothly. On the last day in Assisi the Pope Benedict XVI was saying Mass in the square.

Enzo used his contacts once again to get us front row seats.

To summarise our holiday from start to finish, it was the best holiday we have ever had.

It was a good combination of sight seeing and personal time.

Knowing that there was always somebody in the background if we needed anything was a great comfort and security.

Kindest regards
Arthur and Linda McIntyre