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Ean Price
Kelowna - Canada
30th May 2015

Italy has an overabundance of sights, flavours and people.

Enzo was essential in helping us make the most of our time, energy and money.

As a result, I genuinely believe that my travel companions and I got the best of what our explored part of Italy had to offer.

We knew going there that we were going to see the magic of Italy, but when traveling with Enzo we experienced it.

Specifically, Enzo helped with day to day logistics, translation, and exploration.

He really catered to our traveling style which enriched our overall experience.

We met a lot of people during our travels in Europe, Enzo was certainly the most sincere, helpful, and fun person of them all.

Traveling parts of Europe afterwards was just not the same without him.

I wish we could have taken Enzo back to Canada with us, but that wouldn’t have been fair to the rest of you.