Rome Umbria Tuscany accessible testimonial

We will show you things you have never seen!

Ethanoor Usha-Rosato
San Francisco - USA
9th September 2018

If you are in wheelchair and want to see the towns and cities of Italy, Vincenzo is your guy.

His van is adapted for wheelchairs and extra passengers.

So, contact him and he will take you to off the beaten track sites, recommend good eating places and is also a good tour guide.

I was in Rome recently and booked him for 3 day trips, Florence ( Tuscany ), Assisi ( Umbria ) and Pompeii.

All these were memorable journeys.

He would point out monasteries, and stop at towns where there was something to see, and taste the local wine and cuisine.

Vincenzo is punctual, very friendly and easy to communicate.

When he speaks, you would think he is from New York!

I gave him a 5 stars because I would recommend him to anyone who dares to go to Italy in a wheelchair and wants to soak in the history as much as anyone else.

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