Apulia Wheelchair Adapted Holiday Testimonial

We will show you things you have never seen!

Mc Daniel Family
Maplewood - USA
28th June 2022

Apulia Wheelchair Adapted Holiday

Enzo was a fantastic guide for our family.

He took the seven of us, my wife and I, our three young kids, my sister, and our au pair on a fantastic tour around Puglia.

We visit the towns where my wife's family originated.

His knowledge of the local area was astounding and what little he didn't know he was able to quickly find out on our behalf.

Enzo made fantastic recommendations to round out our itinerary and minutes to find a beach that I would be able to access in my wheelchair.

He even helped the lifeguards at the beach transfer me to a beach wheelchair.

Then took me out into the surf so that I could play and splash around with my children in the waves.

I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed having Enzo.

As our guide and companion and how grateful we are for his kindness and warmth and initiative.

We can't wait to come back so that Enzo can show us even more of this beautiful country!

Mc Daniels Apulia Wheelchair Accessible Holiday