We will show you things you have never seen!

Mary Jo Tryba & Joseph Piela
Mansfield, Connecticut - USA
9th October 2008

From the time we began planning our trip six months prior, we had excellent service from Enzo.

He was in constant contact with me ( Mary Jo ) about the details of the trip, promptly answering whatever questions I had.

I even had the opportunity to talk with him before the trip when he was in Florida visiting family.

He helped me plan an itinerary that would work for me and give us the opportunity to have an overview of Italy.

His friendly and solicitous manner assured me that all would be well with our trip.

I was very nervous about it because it was my first trip to Europe and I have a lot of medical equipment on which I depend.

After talking with Enzo I felt relieved and knew we would have a good trip.

Enzo made sure before hand and during our trip that everything went smoothly.

He picked us up at the Rome Fiumicino Airport and transported us to our Hotel LR01 in Rome.

On our first day, he made sure we got tickets early to attempt at the Papal Audience and took us to St Peter Church for a very memorable day!

Despite the fact that there were over 4000 people there and I was worried about how to find him after the event was over, he found us in St Peter Square right away!

He was very good about asking me how I was feeling and if I wanted to continue with the day’s itinerary or go back to the Hotel LR01 and rest for a bit.

On the next day, my electric scooter died in the Vatican Museums and Vincenzo made a call to a friend who owns a medical supply company so we could rent a manual wheelchair.

The wheelchair actually worked much better than a scooter as Enzo and my husband could bump me up steps so I could get into shops.

In Rome, we also visited the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain at night and ate a delicious Italian dinner at Navona Square.

While we enjoyed a leisurely two-hour dinner, Enzo waited for us in the van close by in case we needed him.

This was comforting to me. Having a driver in Rome, Florence and Siena really helped because we didn’t have to worry about navigating or finding parking on the busy streets.

Enzo knows his way around these cities well so we were able to relax and enjoy looking at the scenery.

He also helped us get into all the museums and sights without waiting in line or paying.

Anyone who is disabled in Italy gets special attention!

Enzo picked wonderful hotels for us to stay at in Rome, Sabaudia, San Quirico D'Orcia in Tuscany and Florence. The B & B LR01 in Rome, a beautiful 19th century building near the Spanish Steps, had a very kind landlord who let us use his son’s wheelchair the day my scooter died.

The other three hotels had wonderful food, beautiful accommodations and for the most part welcoming hosts.

All the bathrooms were handicapped equipped to meet my needs. The Hotel LS01 Sabaudia right on the ocean was so relaxing, a perfect getaway after three busy days in Rome.

The wait staff there was so kind. Enzo even lent me his digital camera when I dropped mine and it broke in Sorrento.

After the trip, he e-mailed me pictures that I took on his photocard.

We were sorry to leave Florence after only one day there.

Enzo made sure we got to the Florence Peretola Airport early and didn’t have any problems getting on the plane.

Truly, he is intent on making the visitor’s experience in his beloved country as smooth and pleasant as possible.

He has researched the cities to which he takes his clients to ensure that their stay will be comfortable and happy.

We would love to return to Tuscany as it is so picturesque and the food was some of the best we’ve ever had.

Our guide provided us with a wonderful travel experience at a reasonable cost we could afford.

Thanks to Enzo, we had a truly remarkable and smooth visit in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Mary Jo and Joe