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Umbria disabled accessible Perugia wheelchair friendly tours.


Umbria disabled accessible Perugia wheelchair friendly tours is a lively medieval walled hill town with historic buildings, people-filled squares, and modern shops.

It's home to a university and a large Italian language school for foreigners.

Etruscan remains are still visible in several places. perhaps nowhere else in Italy are the material remains of the Etruscans so clearly evident as in this city.

The churches and fountain of the main piazza are well-known masterpieces, but there are numerous minor churches of great interest, most notably the Tempio di San Michele Arcangelo.

Umbria disabled accessible Perugia wheelchair friendly tours is known to the art world as the center of the Umbrian school of painting in the 15th and 16th centuries; its leading members, Pietro Vannucci ( called Perugino ) and Bernardino Betti ( called Pinturicchio ) both worked here.

The young Raphael worked in Perugino's studio until 1504.

You'll find works by all three in Perugia's churches and public buildings.

The XV century Gothic hall Church of San Lorenzo, Perugia's cathedral, has an unfinished façade, despite the fact that its building continued from the laying of its foundation stone in 1345 until 1587.

The pink and white exterior stone decoration was only completed on the side wall facing the Fontana Maggiore.

In the center of Umbria disabled accessible Perugia wheelchair friendly tours attractive main square, Piazza IV Novembre, the XIII century Fontana Maggiore is one of the most beautiful fountains of that period, with reliefs by the master Tuscan stone-carvers Nicola and Giovanni Pisano.

On the south side of the cathedral is the Palazzo dei Priori, also known as the Palazzo Comunale, a massive building in Italian Gothic style from the late XIII and early XIV centuries. the Church of San Pietro, an early Christian structure rebuilt in the XII century incorporating 18 of the ancient columns.

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