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Rome disabled Hadrian Villa accessible tours.


Rome disabled Hadrian Villa accessible tours to Tivoli near Rome, was a complex of over 30 buildings, covering an area of at least 1 square kilometre ( c. 250 acres ) of which much is still unexcavated.

The villa was the greatest Roman example of an Alexandrian garden, recreating a sacred landscape. The complex included palaces, several thermae, theatre, temples, libraries, state rooms and quarters for courtiers, praetorians and slaves.

The Rome disabled Hadrian Villa accessible tours shows echoes of many different architectural orders, mostly Greek and Egyptian.

Hadrian, a very well traveled emperor, borrowed these designs, such as the caryatids by the Canopus, along with the statues beside them depicting the Egyptian dwarf and fertility god, Bes.

One of the most striking and best preserved parts of the Villa are a pool and an artificial grotto which were named Canopus and Serapeum, respectively an Egyptian city where a temple ( Serapeum ) was dedicated to the god Serapis.

However, the architecture is Greek influenced as seen in the Corinthian columns and the copies of famous Greek statues that surround the pool.

An interesting structure in the Villa is the so-called Maritime Theater with our Rome disabled Hadrian Villa accessible tours.

It consists of a round portico with a barrel vault supported by pillars.

Inside the portico was a ring-shaped pool with a central island.

During the ancient times the island was connected to the portico by two drawbridges.

On the island sits a small Roman house complete with an atrium, a library, a triclinium and small baths.

The area was probably used by the emperor as a retreat from the busy life at the court.

The area has an extensive network of underground tunnels.

The domes of the steam baths have circular holes on the apex to allow steam to escape.

This is reminiscent of the Pantheon, also built by Hadrian.

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