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Sforzesco Castle Wheelchair Milan Accessible Italy Tours
Sforzesco Castle Wheelchair Milan Accessible Italy Tours
Sforzesco Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Sforzesco Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Sforzesco Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours Milan Excursions

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Sforzesco Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Sforzesco Castle wheelchair accessible tours, or Castello Sforzesco, is one of the best known historical buildings in Milan.

It witness of several historical events in the past centuries.

The castle was demolished and rebuilt many times over the centuries.

The Sforzesco Castle wheelchair accessible tours today, after having been restored and embellished, it has become a symbol, with the Duomo, of the city itself and its history.

A small fortress known as Porta Giovia was built in the area in the year 1360 by Galeazzo II Visconti.

His successor, also worked on the castle.

The fortress was turned into a family residence and a large park was created in the northern part of the estate.

Like a lot of other Italian castles, the Castello Sforzesco was constructed on a square plan and had a tower at every corner.

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Touring Sforzesco Castle

Filippo Maria was the last descendant of the Visconti family and had no heirs. At his death, Milan was proclaimed a republic.

The Visconti fortress was then demolished, its stones used for restoring the town walls.

Later, in the year 1450, Francesco Sforza who had married Filippo Maria's illegitimate child, Bianca Maria Visconti, became the Duke of Milan.

It was then that the castle was rebuilt again, on its earlier foundations: from now on, it was to be known as Castello Sforzesco, from the name of the family who inhabited it.

The new castle was of astonishing beauty. Its gem was certainly the majestic Filarete Tower, placed at its entrance.

Sforza Family

The round towers flanking the main body of the castle were designed by Bartomomeo Gadio.

Galeazzo Maria, Francesco Sforza's successor, transformed the courtyard inside the castle and turned it into a luxury residence.

This part of the estate was named Corte Ducale.

There used to be a square complex next to Corte Ducale known as Rocchetta.

This was a fortress inside the original fortress.

The Rocchetta had a high tower named Torre di Bona, named after Bona di Savoia.

Later, in the 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci and Donato Bramante were entrusted with the task of building a beautiful bridge overlooking the outer moat.

They were also made responsible for painting the beautiful frescoes inside the Sala delle Asse.

It hosts seven different museums about art and history inside its twisting and maze-like passages.

Sforzesco Castle wheelchair accessible  tours if you're visiting the castle today, and absolute must-do is to tour the secret passages ( or, in more romantic Italian, the Percorsi Segreti ) beneath the castle.

Parts of these passages were originally built in the late 14th, and other labyrinthine segments were added by the Spanish in the 16th.

The passages are huge, winding, and exceptionally atmospheric, and give an amazing taste of Medieval architecture and early-modern warfare.

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