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Lake Carezza disabled accessible tours traveling Canazei.

Lake Carezza disabled accessible tours traveling Canazei

Canazei, is without a doubt one of the treasures of the province of Trento, located in a magnificent, stretches from the north-east of the region Trentino up to the border of the province of Bolzano ( Alto Adige ) and Belluno ( Veneto ), lush hollow on the northern border of Val di Fassa.

At 1,465 metres above sea level, it is one of the thirty highest towns in Italy and the highest of the villages in the valley. Its excellent location, history and long tradition of hospitality have made it one of the most famous destinations in The Dolomites.

It is considered the winter sports capital of Val di Fassa, especially thanks to its strategic position in the midst of the peaks of Sassolungo and Sella Group, and Marmolada which is Lake Carezza disabled accessible tours traveling Canazei a famous UNESCO world heritage site.

During summer the town is filled with a special atmosphere thanks to some events such as "Te anter i Tobié" and the "Gran Festa da d’Istà" which liven up village life with music, dancing, local dishes and traditional costumes.

Along with another 18 municipalities, Canazei forms part of a very unique area: Ladinia, where the minority group of Ladin speakers live.

As a matter of fact, the local people speak Ladin in Canazei, just like the rest of the Val di Fassa and the area around the Sella massif.

Tourists cannot help but notice the peculiar dialect and culture.

Traces of its singularity and ancient history are immediately visible both in the architecture and when listening to the locals’ conversations, or even better, by getting involved with local life and folk celebrations.

The local inhabitants are very attached to their traditions and keen to protect their customs and habits.

Therefore there are a huge number of performances and celebrations aimed at handing down and raising awareness of the Ladin Culture and customs.

Lake Carezza disabled accessible tours traveling Canazei and its characteristic unspoilt nature, the warm hospitality of the locals and many hotels that offer all sorts of entertainment for all ages, make Canazei the ideal destination for a fun, sporty and relaxing holiday, whether in winter or summer.

Located on a grassy saddle that separates the Sassolungo from the Sella Group, Sella Pass links Val di Fassa to Val Gardena along 12 km main road no. 242, connecting the mountain pass to Canazei.

One of the most famous passes of The Dolomites, it is overlooked by the majestic Sella Towers and by the Mesules barrier.

Unforgettable is the view over the Sassolungo group, at an altitude of 3,181 metres.

Just next to Canazei there is the Passo Sella is the top of the pass at an altitude of 2240 metres above sea level.

Before reaching the top of the Passo Sella, can see fabulous scenery of cows grazing on the green meadows and on the Mountain sides, plus The Dolomites.

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