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Alberobello accessible tours Apulia wheelchair users.

Alberobello accessible tours Apulia wheelchair users

A tiny comune in the Bari region, Alberobello has a couple of picture perfect Baroque churches and a few small museums.

It is chiefly known for its UNESCO listed Trulli houses, small lime washed dwellings shaped like cupcakes topped by conical gray slate roofs that are unique to this area of Apulia.

These impressive and unique structures, largely present in the Valley of Itria, can also be found in the provinces of Brindisi, Bari and Taranto.

Apulian Trulli

They are a genius example of architecture that is spontaneous, yet imperishable; to this day they are still used as homes.

It is a traditional and simple type of structure, sometimes in its most basic form used as a kind of shed among the olive groves.

The buildings are usually square and have very thick stone walls, constructed without mortar.

The thickness strengthens the structure and also helps regulate the internal temperature.

The roof is actually a dome, as you can see when you enter one of the buildings, but is almost invariably built up on top into a cone shape, topped with a spire.

The keystone, often decorated with esoteric, spiritual or propitiatory characters, is a very important structural element.

Ingenious is the presence of a large and prominent frame protruding from the roof, utilized for the collection and transfer of rainwater into ad-hoc cisterns.

The Trulli are a unique example of ancient architecture that still survives and is in use today with Alberobello accessible tours Apulia wheelchair users.

Touring Aberobello

The modern part of Alberobello contains a number of interesting Trulli, the most important of which is the "Trullo Sovrano". Situated behind the Basilica Dei Santi Medici.

The "Casa D'Amore", now used as the tourist information building, was the first trullo to be built after the town was granted its freedom in 1797.

Dominating a hill on which a number of Trulli form a staircase like structure, stands a Church of St Anthony inspired by the traditional environment of the region.

Inside, the transept crossing is topped by a cupola that is comparable to those you will see in private mansions.

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