Fribourg Wheelchair Switzerland Accessible Tours
Fribourg Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Fribourg wheelchair accessible tours to Switzerland


Fribourg wheelchair accessible tours is the economic capital of the French Canton and gastronomic center of excellence.

Is an architectural jewel dating back to the Middle Ages.

The city stands out for its multiculturalism, its university and the bridges over the Sarina river, straddling German - French Cantons Switzerland.

This particular city is characterized by an absolutely uncommon peculiarity.

In Fribourg wheelchair accessible tours, in fact, two languages are officially spoken.

Region of Gruyère, the canton of Fribourg has been able to maintain a rural and bucolic face.

Exceptional are the museums in this place and the great concentration of panoramic points.

It is possible to range the view from the buildings with Central European architecture to the rugged and magnificent Alps.

Fribourg Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Fribourg

The old town of Fribourg wheelchair accessible tours, retains a medieval atmosphere, while the small town of Romont devotes itself entirely to the art of glass painting.

Bulle's Grérien Museum is worth a visit, as is Gruyères Castle and Prigny Dairy.

Nature lovers will go to see the Jogne gorges, the Mortheys reserve and stroll through the Vully vineyards.

While fans of the artistic heritage will tour the ramparts of the old city of Morat and the Roman remains of Avenches.

The Cathédrale St-Nicolas, is the main building of Christian worship in the city of Fribourg.

It is externally presented with one of the best examples of Gothic style in the Alps and it is the structure that represents the Bourg district.

Dating from the XII century, the Old Town has a simple street plan.

Grand-Rue, the main street, and the parallel Rue des Chanoines and Rue des Bouchers housed the markets, the church and the administrative buildings

Later, the settlement widened down towards the Sarine river.

From the bridges of this area, the Pont du Milieu, dating back to the XVII century, in stone and the Pont du Berne, from the XIII century, covered, you can enjoy splendid panoramas.

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Fribourg wheelchair accessible tours.

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