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Egnazia Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Apulia thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean has always been colonized by different populations.

Built near present day Fasano, Egnazia wheelchair accessible tours, in particular was established as early as the XV century BC.

During the Bronze Age and then inhabited by the Messapians from the VIII century BC.

The centuries-old olive trees on one side and the sea on the other seem to preserve it as a precious relic of what has been the history of many civilizations that have followed over time.

Today the Egnazia wheelchair accessible tours area represents one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Apulia.

The ancient remains of the city show off, with indelible traces left on the walls, on the streets, in the temples.

Egnazia Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Egnazia wheelchair accessible tours with a guide and cruise shore excursions.

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Touring Egnazia

Walking through these streets, with the caressing scent of the sea carried by the wind, is immersing yourself in a dreamy atmosphere.

Of the Messapian phase of Egnazia wheelchair accessible tours, there are the mighty defense walls and the necropolises.

Pit tombs, half-chamber tombs and monumental chamber tombs decorated with refined frescoes.

The city, excavated only in part, there are vestiges dating back to the Roman phase.

Remarkable are the remains of the Via Traiana, of the civil Basilica with the Aula delle Tre Grazie, of the chapel of the oriental Gods, of the porticoed square.

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