Chillon Castle Wheelchair French Canton Accessible Tours
Chillon Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Chillon Castle wheelchair accessible tours to French Canton


Chillon Castle wheelchair accessible tours, is located on a rock on the shore of Lake Geneva.

The water castle ( Wasserburg ) is the most visited historical building in Switzerland.

It was built on a rocky island, in a wonderful setting between Lake Geneva, the Alps and the city of Montreux.

For nearly four centuries Chillon Castle wheelchair accessible tours, was the residence and lucrative customs station of the Counts of Savoy.

Feature that has contributed to making Chillon Castle wheelchair accessible tours, unique is certainly its enviable panoramic position.

This idyllic landscape has been a delight for the eyes since the XII century.

Imposing fortress of the Chillon Castle is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that for centuries this romantic setting has been the inspiring muse of many artists.

Chillon Castle Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle wheelchair accessible tours, began to attract visitors several centuries ago when the novel "La Nouvelle Héloïse" (1761) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and "The Prisoner of Chillon" (1816) by Lord Byron were published, both set in this location.

Since then, the influx of tourists has increased.

It can be visited both freely and by participating in a guided tour.

On the weekends before Christmas, markets are set up directly inside the castle.

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Chillon Castle wheelchair accessible tours.

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