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Thun Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Thun wheelchair accessible tours German Canton Swiss excursions

Thun wheelchair accessible tours too often is a forgotten city to explore.

Developed where the Aare River merges with the lake, 30 kilometers south of Bern.

The Bernese Alps embrace the city giving life to a picturesque and evocative scenery made even more unique by the castle that dominates the late medieval old town.

The urban agglomeration of Thun, inhabited since 2500 years BC.

It recalls through its buildings that Chivalric Era capable of making children return and living one of those adventurous fairy tales where fearless knights trot on their horses.

Thun is one of the most romantic destinations in Switzerland.

A small jewel that seems straight out of a fairy tale and that is slowly revealed as you stroll through the narrow streets of its beautiful old town.

Overlooked, discreet, low colored houses with flowered balconies and ancient shops.

In the summer at the lake, in the winter in the mountains.

Thun offers everything and more.

If you love hills, skis and snow, you just have to reach one of the many ski resorts in the surrounding mountain area.

Among the best known and best equipped Stockhorn and Niederhorn.

Thun Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Thun

The Castle dominates Thun from the top of a hill, with its elegant bulk dating back to the XII century.

Then enlarged in the XV century by the Bernese and now transformed into a luxury hotel and an important museum.

The river offers beautiful cafes with open spaces.

From which to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and, completely unpredictable, the spectacle of the surfers who, near the two flower-decked locks, take advantage of the rush of the water to practice surfing in the historical center.

The Schadau Park, directly overlooking the lake, is one of the most popular places for citizens and visitors.

The Park consists of numerous gardens full of flowers, which enrich the mountain panorama that surrounds the territory.

Inside the park is the Schadau Castle, the XIX century building that houses the Museum of Swiss Gastronomy.

Among the things to see in Thun, you cannot miss the Art Museum, the main museum center of the city.

Bälliz is now the area for shopping, clubs and hotels and, on Wednesdays, the market is also held.

Just opposite was the ancient grain mill, active until forty years ago, the square, where the sculpture of the Solothurn artist Schang Hutter dominates.

Is now one of the main meeting places in the city they hold cultural events and on which there are cafes and restaurants and clubs of all kinds

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Thun wheelchair accessible tours.

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