Lucerne Wheelchair Switzerland Accessible Tours
Lucerne Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Lucerne wheelchair accessible tours German Canton Swiss excursions

Lucerne wheelchair accessible tours, is a picturesque city in one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland.

Is nestled on the shores of the lake of the same name and enclosed by the majestic Swiss Alps, with the tinkling of grazing cows in the background.

Clean air, beautiful landscapes and a myriad of chocolate shops.

What more could you want?

Lucerne is without a doubt one of the most fascinating cities in Europe.

With its medieval bridges, its baroque and gothic churches and its elegant museums.

It straddles the Reuss River and presents all the magnificence of its monumental buildings in the historic center along the banks of the river in the northern part.

The city is very picturesque, surrounded by beautiful mountains and the lake of the four cantons.

Equipped with a small medieval center, the city embodies the whole of Switzerland‘s past.

It can be retraced thanks to the numerous attractions in Lucerne, located a short distance from each other.

You will always remember this city for its elegance and for the sweet sensation that is perceived on its lake.

Lucerne Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Lucerne

It is a city on a human scale and discovering it through a walking itinerary will prove to be the best choice for you.

You find Yurselves wandering through the narrow streets of its historic center, enriched by many frescoed houses and strolling along the lake, home to beautiful swans.

The Chapel Bridge Kapellbruckedates from the XIV century, and is famous for its roof panels, which depict some of the most important events in Swiss history.

Located on the Reuss River, the bridge is 170 meters long, and is perhaps the most photographed subject in all of Lucerne and, although the water tower is original, some of the parts of the roof have been rebuilt after the 1993 fire.

Beautiful Jesuitenkirche Church was built in 1666, by Italian and Austrian architects.

Considered to be among the most beautiful Baroque style buildings in all of Switzerland.

The church has its particularity in the shape of the dome of the two towers, and in the color of the internal plaster, white and pink.

Take a short walk to the heart of Lucerne where you will find the spectacular Glacier Garden.

Much more than just a museum, the garden houses a stunning natural monument consisting of giant potholes, as well as native plants and a pond fed directly from the Gorner Glacier.

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Lucerne wheelchair accessible tours.

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