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Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Calabria Accessible Italy Tours
Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Calabria Accessible Italy Tours
Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Accessible Tours Calabria Excursions

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Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Capo Rizzuto wheelchair accessible tours, is the jewel of Calabria.

Has its roots in a truly ancient past and experienced periods of pomp and splendor in the Middle Ages.

It became not only an important commercial center but also a defensive fort capable of keeping the population safe from attacks by Saracen and Turkish pirates .

To feel immersed in another era you don’t necessarily have to close yourself in a museum.

Just walk through the streets of the historic center, for example in Via San Marco, to come across the XVI century fortification of the Feudal Castle.

On the coast stands the Old Tower, which was used to signal the presence of suspicious ships.

It was founded by a people from North Africa the Japigi ( people from the places where Carthage was later built ) who settled between Isola Capo Rizzuto and Capo Piccolo around 1200 BC.

Private Capo Rizzuto Wheelchair Accessible Tours

We providing a safe and a full Calabria accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries.

Wheelchair friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours and private journey excursions.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Capo Rizzuto accessible tours.

Adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday to Italy across Calabria.

Touring Capo Rizzuto

The Aragonese Castle of Le Castella is the symbol of the island of Capo Rizzuto.

According to legend, this castle was built in the distant 204 BC, when Hannibal stayed in the area.

Really this imposing structure dates back to the XV century and was erected on an islet facing the coast.

Almost entirely restored, the castle is characterized by some rooms such as the video room, the photo room and the Phrurion Room.

Inside there are also the remains of a small church and a chapel.

From the castle you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Costa dei Saraceni, and it is wonderful to visit at sunset.

Capo Rizzuto, there are really different things to see.

Even if first and foremost this pleasant place is chosen as a destination for summer holidays, in search of relaxation on the beautiful and peaceful beaches.

A religious building that is worth visiting is certainly the Sanctuary of the Greek Madonna.

Is dedicated to the protector of the city, the oldest of the Byzantine madonnas venerated in Calabria.

The building built on a Norman monastery, with a Baroque façade, houses several works made with poor materials such as sandstone and Trani stone,

Booking & Travel

Capo Rizzuto wheelchair accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Calabria Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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