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Trains wheelchair accessible Transfers

Accessible Italian Holiday - Wheelchair Accessible Italy Transportation

Trains Wheelchair Accessible Transfers

Medium and long distance Italy Trains wheelchair accessible transfers service have a wagon with seats equipped for the transport of 2 wheelchair passengers and two assistant ( recognizable by the special international symbol outside ) and only under tickets reservation system.

Access to train wagons is made by forklift, operated by RFI dedicated personnel.

The space for the accommodation of travelers in a wheelchair has a travel area with large window and various accessories ( table, handrail, call button, etc. ) and is located next to adequate toilets.

All vehicles are equipped with structures specifically designed for the disabled.

A hydraulic lifts and suitable anchoring devices allow individuals on standard wheelchair to access the motor vehicle.

Air condition, comfort, extra storage space are standard optional fit on all vehicles.

Train tickets reservation service available on request.