Italian Rental Monkey Pole Disabled Equipment Service

Monkey Pole
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Monkey Pole

Delivery and Return charges apply

Deposit Required, fully refundable, if not damages caused.

Travel with Comfort

Rent equipment service is reserved ONLY to customers who are booking a full holiday package with us.

Italian rental Monkey Pole disabled equipment service details:

This pole is placed under the bed base to give a stable overhead support pole for those who find it difficult to rise out of bed.

Designed for raising a person to a sitting position and not lifting the entire weight of the person off the bed.

Perfect Italian rental Monkey Pole disabled equipment service for reduced mobility travelers and disabled on holiday in Italy.

Equipment Details

* One over bed post hoist
* Reach: 300 mm - 625 mm
* Max height of frame 2 m ( 6' 63/4 )

* Weight: 14 Kg