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Piedmont Wheelchair Italy Accessible Tours
Piedmont Wheelchair Italy Accessible Tours
Piedmont Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Piedmont Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Piedmont Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Piedmont Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Those who think of Italy often identify it with the rolling Tuscan hills, with the artistic treasures of Rome, with the enchanting landscapes of the Dolomites or the sea of Sardinia, forgetting that there are places of extraordinary beauty even outside the classic destinations.

Mountains, lakes, castles, historic houses, religious buildings, fortresses ... all this and much more is part of the cultural, artistic and landscape heritage of Piedmont.

A region rich in many places to discover and admire.

In addition of course to the city of Turin with its museums, squares, historic buildings and cultural events, Piedmont wheelchair accessible tours offers many other attractions.

They are scattered throughout the territory that undoubtedly deserve to be seen at least once.

But Piedmont, with its thousand faces of landscape, is also the region where entrepreneurship has made school, gaining international fame: from Ferrero to Lavazza, from Fiat to Olivetti.

There are also many names in automotive design from Piedmont, from Giugiaro to Pininfarina, authors of the first car model exhibited at the MoMA in New York, as one of the eight wonders of our times.

Piedmont Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Many sites in Piedmont are accessible and can be visited by adapted van.

Wheelchair friendly accessible excursions and Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full accessible tours around the region at previewed itineraries.

Our adapted van specifically designed for disabled traveling on holidays to Piedmont has all wheelchair users facilities

Touring Piedmont

For those who choose to visit Piedmont wheelchair accessible tours for the first time, Turin is an essential destination.

History has made the Piedmontese capital great, making it the second capital of Italy.

Embellishing it with Baroque palaces, splendid museums, ancient squares and historic cafes that give it a unique charm.

In Piedmont, from Monferrato to the Langhe, passing through the alpine areas, there are beautiful villages where time seems to have stopped.

These are places off the beaten track but worth knowing.

Some of these small medieval villages are part of the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which however does not exhaust the list of beautiful villages to visit in the region.

They are perfect places to escape the city.

In Vercelli, where there is the oldest known manuscript in English and consulted by scholars from all over the world.

This is the Codex Vercellensis Evangeliorum, the so-called Evangeliary of St. Eusebius, and is a IV century manuscript.

Many culinary made in Italy products also come from Piedmont.

Truffles ( the subject of a prestigious international auction ), Wines ( first of all Barolo ) and hazelnuts, undisputed specialties of the Alta Langa.


Holiday accessible tours to Piedmont by wheelchair for a disabled in our days, isn’t an easy task due to the fact of his territory and "accessibility culture".

For this reason we are strongly raccomending you to travel with us.

Piedmont wheelchair accessible tours with adapted van.

Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full accessible tours around it at previewed itineraries with adapted van specifically for disabled holiday.


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