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Italian wheelchair friendly Wine Tasting accessible tours.

Italian wheelchair friendly Wine Tasting accessible tours

In Ancient Times to Our country was given the name of Enotria Tellus that is the land of wine.

Every Italian in the moment it is born and becomes a citizen of Enotria and natural wine friend, and that's not corresponding portion of an habit, but art.

The history of Italian viticulture dates back to the years around 1000 AC when Greeks conquered the Mediterranean basin.

Wine Culture

During the campaigns, introduced the cultivation of grapes, first in Sicily and Calabria where started the first Greek commercial trade, and then spread gradually to the north.

When in the third century BC Hannibal waged war against Rome throughout southern Italy was planted with grapes extensive cultures.

Modern Technologies

Italian wheelchair friendly Wine Tasting accessible tours, over the last thirty years, the wines and the Italian viticulture have undergone more radical changes than in the three previous centuries.

Disappear promiscuous crops which saw the vines cultivated with olive and fruit trees, and also in the basement a lot has changed, particularly important was the introduction of the temperature control during fermentation, which opened new horizons for Italian quality wines have disappeared.

The modernization of viticulture and wine-making has led to a qualitative improvement unexpected party from Tuscany in the late ' 60s and spread first in Friuli and Piedmont, went to the all regions of the peninsula.

Production Leader

Italian wheelchair friendly Wine Tasting accessible tours, currently Italy is the world's largest wine producer, with an average annual production of 60 million hectoliters.

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