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Ulysses Coast Wheelchair Italy Accessible Tours
Ulysses Coast Wheelchair Italy Accessible Tours
Ulysses Coast Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Ulysses Coast Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Ulysses Wheelchair Accessible Tours To Ulysses Coast

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Ulysses Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Lazio, is a central region of Italy where Rome sited.

Just about 90 Km South, right between Rome itself and Naples, in one of the most exclusive and unspoiled Italian coastlines, lies Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo.

Ulysses wheelchair accessible tours we have currently several easly wheelchair users, reduced mobility and disabled accessibile properties available for summer holiday.

Ulysses wheelchair accessible tours to the beaches has wheelchair users and disabled facilities and make this part of Italy a spot for a great summer holiday destination.

For his strategic position is the ideal “base” for the Ulysses wheelchair accessible tours by adapted van.

We called it because a legend says that here Ulysses landed and sheltered after at sea storm while was sealed back to Itaca after the Troy’s war and felt in love with Circe’s witch.

Ulysses wheelchair accessible tours around Latium and Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full accessible tours around it at previewed itineraries with adapted van specifically for disabled holiday.

Booking and Travel

Many sites in Latium are accessible and can be visited by adapted van.

We viewed and checked for you the main, monuments, churches, museums, hotels and listed here including accessibility details, very important for disabled wheelchair users, opening times and ticket costs.

Ulysses wheelchair accessible tours add it your holidays by adapted van, once you have choose the accommodation from a Accessible Accommodations, on the booking form.

Fossanova Abbey Wheelchair Ulysses Accessible Tours

Fossanova Abbey

Located at the feet of the Lepini Mountains in the comune of Priverno, province of Latina ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Gaeta Wheelchair Ulysses Accessible Tours


Gaeta wheelchair friendly accessible tours for reduced mobility and disabled barrier free city set ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Mountcassino Abbey Wheelchair Ulysses Coast Accessible Tours

Mountcassino Abbey

Italian wheelchair Mountcassino Abbey accessible tours, is located nearby to Cassino a small town ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Ninfa Gardens

This is the story of one of Italy's Ninfa Gardens wheelchair users accessible tours most ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Pontine Islands Wheelchair Ulysses Coast Accessible Italy Tours

Pontine Islands

Latium wheelchair friendly Pontine Islands accessible tours the archipelago of the Pontine or ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Sabaudia Wheelchair Ulysses Coast Accessible Italy Tours


During the Fascist era several new towns were built in Italy and its colonies, in addition to all ...

Accessible Tours >>>

San Felice Circeo Wheelchair Ulysses Accessible Tours

San Felice Circeo

No matter where you might find yourself on the coast of Latium, it is impossible to overlook the ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Sermoneta Wheelchair Ulysses Accessible Tours


Ulysses wheelchair users Sermoneta accessible Italian tours sits atop a foothill of the Lepino ...

Accessible Tours >>>

sperlonga wheelchair ulysses accessible tours


Ulysses disabled Sperlonga accessible Italian tours was an ancient Roman resort. Emperor ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Terracina Wheelchair Ulysses Accessible Tours


Ulysses wheelchair users Terracina accessible Italian tours is a town and comune of the province ...

Accessible Tours >>>

Valvisciolo Abbey Wheelchair Ulysses Accessible Tours

Valvisciolo Abbey

Ulysses disabled Valvisciolo Abbey accessible Italian tours is located in Sermoneta Valley, at the ...

Accessible Tours >>>

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Rome Wheelchair Accessible Hotel LR08Rome
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Rome, LR08

Rome Provence
Rome, Latium 00186

Rome Wheelchair Accessible HotelRome
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Rome, LR07

Rome, Italy

Naples Wheelchair Accessible HotelNaples
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Naples, CN06

Naples, Italy

Naples Wheelchair Accessible Hotels disabled holidays accommodationsNaples
Hotel Wheelchair Friendly

Naples, CN02

Naples, Italy