Castellina in Chianti Wheelchair Tuscany Accessible Tours
Castellina in Chianti Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Catellina in Chianti Wheelchair Accessible Tours to Siena Tuscany


Castellina in Chianti wheelchair accessible tours, completely immersed in the hills, is one of the main destinations for food and wine tourism in Tuscany.

People come for the wine, for the beauty of its hills.

One comes for the history that oozes from the stones of its houses.

Or for the artistic heritage.

You will find yourself in front of this enchanted town of the Sienese Chianti, you will understand that you have reached one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Tuscan village of Castellina in Chianti was born in the Etruscan era and despite the numerous wars and earthquakes that have occurred since then up to the present day.

There are many archaeological finds that can be visited simply by walking in the Sienese Chianti.

The most important ones in the area include the Etruscan Tumolo of Montecalvario and the Etruscan Necropolis of Poggino di Fonterutoli.

Castellina in Chianti wheelchair accessible tours, was one of the main cities of Tuscany in medieval times.

As evidenced by the splendid perfectly intact village.

Wandering around the cobbled and winding streets is a pleasant and continuous discovery.

In the very early Middle Ages, the Tuscan village took the name of Saligolpe, or Salivolpe, and was given as a rich feud by Matilda of Tuscany to the Guidi Family in the XI century.

About 100 years later it became part of the Chianti League, together with the nearby Radda in Chianti and Gaiole.

Castellina in Chianti Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Castellina in Chianti

The journey to Castellina in Chianti wheelchair accessible tours, immediately gives a thousand suggestions along the ups and downs of the Chianti hills between which it seems almost nestled.

And from where it has crossed the centuries having to defend and protect.

The historic center of Castellina in Chianti is definitely unmissable and represents one of the many examples of Tuscany style architecture to see at least once in a lifetime.

Picturesque and still with the original quadrilateral shape, it is full of towers but above all it is characterized by the Rocca.

From whose top it is possible to be enchanted to admire the immense countryside of the Chianti Senese and the nearby villages.

But what will probably surprise you most of all is the underground street that is now known as Via delle Volte.

Currently full of shops and pleasant restaurants especially in summer, when you can take advantage of the coolness given by the thick stone walls.

Above all, however, is Via Ferrucci.

But do not miss a visit to the splendid Palazzo Ugolini and Palazzo Bianciardi and the Church of St Piero in the locality of Cedda.

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Castellina in Chianti wheelchair accessible tours.

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