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Tuscany disabled accessible Hotel Monteriggioni

The Tuscany disabled accessible Hotel Monteriggioni composed of 3 buildings:

The Villa

The old mansion where Sabolini family used to reside.

At the ground floor you can find the reception and beautiful salons frescoed in the ‘700.

In these salons our guests can enjoy the pleasant melody of the two pianos, or “steal” a good book and relax on the comfortable armchairs, or breath fresh air in our enchanting Italian garden, that surround all the Villa.

Through a grand staircase you can reach the noble rooms located in the two floors that compose the Villa.

The Fattoria

The oldest part of the architectural complex, already existing during the construction of the main Villa.

On the ground floor you find a pretty and bright salon framed by a spiral staircase that brings you to the downstair and upstairs floor where the rooms are situated.

The Seminario

The “new” part of The Tuscany disabled accessible Hotel Monteriggioni.

It was built during the first post-war period in order to host young students and wayfarers traveling along the old Via Francigena that surrounds the Villa.

Characterized by a bright corridor made of windows, in this building you find on the ground floor, the Restaurant and a Bar.

Accessible Restaurant

The restaurant with its cozy terrace is a Tuscan culinary tradition, where every day our chefs rediscover and reinterpret local products to offer our guests the taste and the flavour of the time.

Dishes that are born in the tradition, from tied up genuine ingredients to the seasons combined in simple way and at the same refined time to make every tasting a small fragment of memory of an unique stay.

With its elegant style, the typical tuscan restaurant becomes the ideal place for a candlelight dinner, for intimate receptions and for unforgettable occasions.

The Tuscany disabled accessible Hotel Monteriggioni has Superior rooms and different from each other depending on the location, they have a vintage decor, elegant and refined or neoclassical or country-style, all this makes them ideal for a luxurious stay in the Tuscan countryside.

As all the rooms are equipped with minibar, internet connection, TV and all the amenities that can turn your holiday full of memorable moments. 2 Superior rooms are totally accessible including en suite bathroom with disabled facilities.

Price:Hotel Wheelchair Friendly
Address:Siena Provence
Zip Code:53034
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