St Domenico Basilica Wheelchair Siena Accessible Tours
St Domenico Basilica Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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St Domenico

St Domenico Basilica Wheelchair Accessible Tours to Siena Tuscany


The St Domenico Basilica wheelchair accessible tours, also known as Basilica Cateriniana, is a basilica church in Siena, one of the most important in the city.

The church was begun in 1226-1265 but was enlarged in the XIV century resulting in the gothic look it now has.

The Basilica is closely linked to the figure of St Catherine.

Within her she lived salient moments of her exceptional mystical experience.

In the chapel dedicated to the her you can see the most important of her relics, her sacred head.

It is located between the Square of San Domenico and Via della Sapienza.

The Dominicans arrived in Siena in 1220, a year before the death of their founder Domenico di Guzman.

In 1225 they received land as a donation from Fortebraccio Malavolti.

During the XIV century the complex was enlarged in the gothic forms that we still see today.

It was built several times and finished in 1465 and it suffered fires in1443, 1456 and 1531.

After the latter it was restored by Domenico Cinquini.

Military occupations between 1548-1552, and earthquakes in 1798.

During the XVII and XVIII centuries, the complex underwent numerous Baroque alterations, with the addition of Baroque altars.

St Domenico Basilica Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring St Domenico Basilica

The entrance is located at the beginning of the left side.

On the counter façade is the Cappella delle Volte, the place where St Catherine would have performed some of her miracles.

In this room you can see a fresco of 1375 depicting St Caterina and a devotee by Andrea Vanni.

Of considerable value because the only existing representation with the saint still alive.

Among the paintings placed in the chapel there is the Canonization of St Catherine, a splendid canvas created by Mattia Preti.

About halfway up the navete, there is the Chapel of St Caterina built to house the head of the Patron Saint.

The valuable marble altar was sculpted by Giovanni di Stefano in 1469 and the precious relic is located within the central hollow.

The frescoes that cover the entire chapel are admirable.

Dedicated to St Caterina, these wall paintings were begun by Sodoma but completed by Francesco Vanni at the end of the XVI century.

In the fifth chapel we find one of the most beautiful works painted in Siena in the XIII century.

The Majesty (recently restored) by Guido da Siena, an artist active between 1260 and 1280.

The stained glass windows of the Basilica are works of some protagonists of Italian contemporary art.

Those along the right wall are due to Bruno Saetti and Domenico Cantatore.

Those on the left are works by Fabrizio Clerici and Giorgio Quaroni.

The bottom of the apse, on the other hand, is due to Bruno Cassinari.

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