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Montalbano Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sicily Excursions

Sicily accessible Montalbano wheelchair user tours

Montalbano Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sicily Excursions

Montalbano wheelchair accessible tours is an enchanting Sicily excursions to spend in places made famous by Commissioner Montalbano's television fiction.

The cute policeman created by the fantasy of the writer Andrea Camilleri and made even more famous by the transposition on the big screen of his adventures.

He represents somehow the Sicilian doc, with his vices, his manias but also his immense good heart.

Andrea Camilleri

His author, in numerous novels and written accounts, has created an entire imaginary world of Sicilian villages, places and characters.

Vigata, Marinella, Montelusa, Mannara ... are just some of the fantasy sites created by Camilleri and that were then imagined and recreated by the fiction authors.

Montalbano Accessible Film Locations

Most of the locations used for TV episodes by Commissioner Montalbano are located in the province of Ragusa Ibla.

Our Montalbano wheelchair accessible tours Sicily excursions goes through the places of the famous commissar.

Is an unmissable opportunity to recreate the atmosphere of the film.

Discover hidden corners, but not for this less beautiful, the extreme South of Sicily and to taste flavas, ways of life and Sicilian traditions.

Ragusa Ibla Location

The Montalbano wheelchair accessible tours Sicily excursions itinerary can only start from Ragusa Ibla, the old town of Ragusa.

Here are numerous outdoor fiction scenes.

The splendid Piazza Duomo and the St Giorgio Cathedral are often used to represent the main square of Vigata, the town of Montalbano.

Even in the nearby Giardini Iblei, scenes related to different episodes have been filmed.

And how not to go to the "La Rusticana" trattoria, alias Osteria di Don Calogero, favorite place of Salvo Montalbano and Mimì Augello ( his vice ).

The walk to Ragusa Ibla can take pleasantly a couple of hours, giving us the time to find other smaller but equally familiar views.

The Conversation Circle, Palazzo La Rocca and the Church of St Maria delle Scale, framed, for example, in the episodes "Gli Arancini di Montalbano" and "L’Odore della Notte".

Continuing our Montalbano wheelchair accessible tours Sicily excursions and the ascent to the new city, we will be able to venture out in search of other glimpses.

The Cappuccini Bridge, taken in "Il Ladro Di Merendine", Piazza del Popolo and Piazza PosteLa Voce Del Violino".

Numerous locations are also located in the vicinity of Ragusa Ibla.

Donnafugata Castle Location

Driving by our accessible van is the particular and characteristic Castle of Donnafugata, nearby.

Remember the sumptuous and supervised residence of boss Balduccio Sinagra? It's just Donnafugata.

While visiting the castle you can also walk through the large terrace where the commissar and the boss found a compromise.

Always in the area you can visit the suggestive Grotta delle Trabacche, recently opened.

Is this the place where Montalbano finds the bodies of the two lovers in the episode “Il Cane Di Terracotta“.

In fact it is an ancient early catacomb.

Punta Secca Location

From the Castle of Donnafugata, you can reach in a few minutes the seaside village alias the hamlet of Marinella the house of Montalbano.

It has been used for the shooting of the exterior, along with the beautiful beach where the commissioner practiced his swim.

Donnalucata Location

We can continue our Sicily accessible Montalbano wheelchair user tours by going eastwards.

The seaside resort of Donnalucata has a wonderful waterfront that has also represented the Vigata seafront in the episode “Le Forme Dell’Acqua".

Sampieri Location

Along the sea, near Sampieri there is an abandoned industrial brick factory in the early 1900s.

the Pisciotto or "La Mannara", a somewhat malevolent place in serial TV.

Scicli Location

Not far from it the beautiful baroque town of Scicli, a UNESCO heritage site.

A walk into the city village is definitely recommended as among the numerous Baroque buildings you can also find the Commissariat of Vigata ( Palazzo Comunale ) and the Police Station of Montelusa ( Palazzo Iacono ).

Briefly, follow the trail of our Sicily Montalbano wheelchair accessible tours will immerse yourself in the Sicily most authentic traditions.

Discovering the towns and the sea, but also the smells and flavors that characterise it.

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