Medici  Fortress Wheelchair Tuscany Accessible Siena Tours
Medici Fortress Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Medici Fortress Wheelchair Accessible Tours to Siena Tuscany

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Medici Fortress Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The Medici Fortress wheelchair accessible tours, also known as the Fort of Santa Barbara, was built in 1563 at the behest of Cosimo de 'Medici.

It is about 15 minutes walk from Piazza del Campo di Siena.

At every corner, has a bastion from which you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the city.

It is an ideal place to stroll and spend a few relaxing hours.

The fortress is about 180 meters long and 125 wide, while the outermost edges of the ramparts draw an external quadrilateral about 200 meters wide and 270 meters long.

The entire outer perimeter of the fortress measures approximately 1,500 meters.

The building was originally built in an "L" shape.

Later it was transformed into the quadrilateral structure that you can see now.

The bastions has on three of them, is affixed the Medici coat of arms surmounted by a lion's head.

Used as a public garden in the XVIII century, now both locals and tourists can enjoy the large green spaces and stroll.

Inside there is an amphitheater which in summer is used for outdoor shows and concerts.

The place is comfortable, also thanks to the adjacent Lizza Gardens and the Parco della Rimembranza, from which you can see a beautiful view of the city.

Private Medici Fortress Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Medici Fortress

The entrance to the Fortress is located on the north-east side, near the Lizza Gardens.

Inside, along the top of the walls, there are wide passages, equipped with trees and benches.

In the center, in the esplanade, an amphitheater-shaped structure was created, in order to host the summer outdoor shows.

On the outside, the Medici Fortress wheelchair accessible tours, is flanked to the east by the Franchi Stadium and to the north by the Lizza Gardens.

Along the southwest side, the gardens of the fortress rise.

Next to the south-east side, facing the historic city center, a statue of Saint Catherine of Siena was erected.

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Medici Fortress wheelchair accessible tours.

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