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Carpi Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Carpi wheelchair accessible tours, is the second city of the Modena province after the capital.

There are many jewels that can be admired in its historic center, as well as in the vicinity of the city.

Located in the low Modena plain, Carpi is lively, industrialized, cultural, scientific and vibrint city.

It is famous for its food and wine production and preserves an enviable historical and artistic heritage.

Visiting Carpi is a privilege, its historic center is part of the wonders of Italy and every year the city is besieged by tourists from all over Europe who want to savor and touch art and history firsthand.

Carpi collects so many wonders in one square.

Is the typical Emilian beauty with bright colors.

The walk in the center is marked by the long arcades of the main streets.

The city you will visit is a quiet and peaceful town that waits for the late afternoon to come alive.

Not everyone knows that Carpi represents a top-level fashion district.

The manufacturing history of this area dates back to the XVI century but it is in the last decades that some of the most famous brands have developed here their factories.

Carpi Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Carpi

The long arcades lead easily to the main square of the city, the beautiful Piazza dei Martiri.

Is also the square where most of the places of interest in Carpi are concentrated.

In fact, around you will see historic buildings and monuments such as the Cathedral of Carpi, Palazzo dei Pio, the extraordinary Portico and the Municipal Theater.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta di Carpi reigns supreme in the center of the square and it is a surprise.

Because you hardly expect there to be such a beautiful Basilica in a small city.

And, instead, the Cathedral of Carpi shines with an unprecedented splendor, which is immediately evident from the bright colors of its Baroque facade.

The interior, then, conceals a long succession of treasures, starting with the pictorial and sculptural works of some of the main local and Emilian artists.

If the Este family were in Modena, the Pio family ruled in Carpi.

The city Castle overlooking Piazza dei Martiri is named after them.

The castle houses the Palace Museum and the City Museum.

About 6 km from the center of Carpi, is the Campo di Fossoli.

Is the most important in Italy, built in 1942 by the Royal Army to imprison enemy soldiers and transformed in 1943 into a concentration camp for Jews.

From March 1944 it became a police and transit camp, used by the SS as an antechamber for the Nazi concentration camps.

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Carpi wheelchair accessible tours.

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