Bologna Wheelchair Accessible Airport
Bologna Wheelchair Accessible Airport
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Bergamo wheelchair accessible Airport Milan transfers

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Bergamo Accessible Airport

Milan-Bergamo Airport pays particular attention to passengers with reduced mobility.

It has in fact introduced detailed procedures that implement the provisions of current European standards.

It is possible to request assistance from the long-term car park cash desk, from the entrance to the terminal at the start of the blind route or from the information office.

The dedicated staff begins to take care of the passenger and accompanies thrm through the check-in phase, through the security filters and, from here, after a possible stop in the dedicated waiting room ( Sala Amica ), to boarding.

In case of malfunctioning of the call points, it is possible to contact the staff on duty at the Sala Amica, by contacting the registration desks, the public information desk or by calling the telephone number +39 035 326357.

SACBO is also equipped with wheelchairs and modern elevators ( ambulift ) that allow boarding on aircraft in conditions of optimal comfort.

Access to the airport is facilitated by sidewalks equipped with ramps with a limited slope and by preferential routes for the blind.

Inside the airport there are also preferential routes for the blind as well as lifts and toilets specially prepared for those who have difficulty walking.

Special assistance can be requested by all people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Accessible Airport Services

The request for assistance to the Bergamo wheelchair accessible airport and the special needs of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility must be notified at the time of booking to the air carrier, its agent, tour operator or, at the latest, at least 48 hours before the scheduled time flight departure.

The airline itself will send the request to SACBO, with 36 hours notice, so that the necessary assistance can be arranged.

The air carrier, in order to offer a service aimed at satisfying the specific needs of the PRM, may request further information regarding the methods of assistance requested, the possible transport / use of medical equipment and / or mobility aids and any need to travel with recognized assistance dogs.

The PRM who goes directly to check-in must present himself: at the time established and scheduled by the air carrier, its agent, the tour operator or the airport operator.

If no time has been established, provides at least one hour before the scheduled departure time.

The PRM arriving at a designated point within the airport perimeter must present itself at the time established and scheduled by the air carrier, its agent, the tour operator or the airport operator if no time has been established,  provides at least two hours before the scheduled departure time.

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