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San Satiro Wheelchair Accessible Tours

San Satiro wheelchair accessible tours, commonly called Santa Maria presso San Satiro, in Milan is a surprise to discover.

A small jewel of the city, which houses, among its many treasures, also the splendid sacristy and the famous illusionistic architecture of Bramante, true masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.

Is located in the historic center of Milan, precisely in Via Torino on a short dead end between two buildings.

It was built at the end of the XV century, incorporates the medieval chapel of San Satiro and is one of the Milanese attractions waiting to be discovered.

Yes, because it is not only the facade in neo-Renaissance style the main attraction.

With the central section divided into two horizontal bands superimposed by a frame in turn separated into three sectors by Corinthian pilasters, the rose window, the two niches, the bell tower of the XI century in Romanesque style or the dome with blind circular rose windows to arouse particular astonishment.

You have to cross the threshold to be able to admire, behind the altar, the large space formed by a regular apse and well completed by columns and decorations.

In fact, proceeding towards the altar, almost touching with your hand, you realize that you cannot pass, as there is just under a meter of space.

Private San Satiro Private Accessible Tours

Disabled friendly San Satiro wheelchair accessible tours with a professional guide in Milan.

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Touring San Satiro

It is actually an optical illusion, an illusory perspective because the apse does not exist.

This perspective deception is the work of Donato Bramante, one of the greatest Italian architects, who coped with the reduced space of the church to create the false apse.

Measures 97 centimeters instead of 9 and 70 meters envisaged in what was the original project.

What began as an impediment to the diocese that did not have the permits to build a larger church then evolved into an unexpected result, a true artistic masterpiece.

Bramante, challenging the limitations, in fact created the perfect illusion and the false perspective escape of San Satiro is considered the forerunner of all the examples of trompe l'oeil that came later.

In its perfection the work also highlights the influence of the researches of Piero della Francesca and Donatello in the field of illusionistic representation.

If you think that the whole building was originally decorated in white, blue and gold, you realize that the optical impression, at the time, was really rich.

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San Satiro wheelchair accessible tours disabled transport.

Unmissable visit at it with our Milan Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted transport.

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