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Monza Wheelchair Milan Accessible Italy Tours
Monza Wheelchair Milan Accessible Italy Tours
Monza Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Monza Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Monza Wheelchair Accessible Tours Milan Excursions

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Monza wheelchair accessible tours

Taking a walk through Monza wheelchair accessible tours is like re-experience a piece of history of Lombardy and Italy.

Located just 15 km north of Milan, Monza is bursting with history and heritage, with plenty of things to do in the city and wider Lombardy region.

The Monza wheelchair accessible tours city guards jealously traces of past epochs and far away Nations, starting from the Celts who founded it, to the Romans, who gave it its current name, followed by the Longobards, which were responsible for the construction of the Basilica di San Giovanni Battista and the Royal Palace of Theodolinda.

Finally we remember the Habsburgs, who under the will of Maria Theresa of Austria constructed the Royal Villa.

Touring Monza

The neoclassical Royal Villa of Monza is absolutely stunning and covers a vast area.

Composed of a series of buildings, it was originally built in 1777 for the then Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, as the Lombardy region was, at the time, part of the greater Austrian Empire.

Modelled on the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, the villa is set on the banks of the Lambro River and is nestled within the lush and sprawling Monza Park.

The Royal Villa sits within the largest walled park in Europe. Established in 1806, the park is now part of the greater Lambro Valley Natural Reserve.

The park itself covers some 800 hectares and is surrounded by an impressive 12 km long wall.

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Aside from the Villa Reale, the carefully maintained park also houses the horse racing circuit of Mirabello, two golf courses, swimming pool, polo field and the iconic Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track.

Yes, the famous Formula 1 racing circuit is nestled within the woodland area of the Parco di Monza at the north end of the vast park.

It’s possible to walk from the Villa Reale to the Grand Prix track in about an hour.

Monza wheelchair accessible tours undoubtedly the most stunning religious building within the city of Monza is the absolutely captivating Duomo which is of Romanesque Gothic architecture.

Apart from the Iron Crown and the other artefacts, the major attraction is the Chapel of Teodolinda with its 15th century frescoes from the Zavattari Workshop.

These frescoes depict in 45 scenes the stories of the Queen’s life, her marriage, her meeting with her first husband, Authari, and her new marriage with Agilulf.

All the figures in the painting are portrayed in luxurious surroundings and clothed in magnificent garments characteristic of the Visconti, the rulers of Milan at that time.

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Monza wheelchair accessible tours.

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