Galaxidi Wheelchair Central Greece Accessible Tours
Galaxidi Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Galaxidi wheelchair accessible tours Central Greece excursions


Galaxidi wheelchair accessible tours, is a small port built on an inlet in the Gulf of Corinth.

Is just under 35 km Southwest of the archaeological site of Delphi.

The curated architecture and the relaxed atmosphere make it an excellent choice as a stopping point.

It is a small pearl sheltered from the wind by the reassuring presence of the mountains that surround it.

Place of notable seafaring fame is located at a close distance from Athens, just 3 hours away.

The town is renowned for its shipbuilding activity and houses an interesting Naval Museum and an Archaeological Collection full of grains and curiosities.

In particular to recruit captains and crew, known all over the world for their honesty, hard work and marine skills.

Many ship owners have come to the Galaxidi shipyards.

Galaxidi Wheelchair Accessible Tours

We providing a safe and a full accessible tours around previewed accessible itineraries.

Wheelchair friendly accessible services includes professional guided tours and private journey excursions.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with an exclusive private Galaxidi wheelchair accessible tours.

Adapted van transportation specifically designed for wheelchair users tourists combined an holiday to Italy across Greece.

Touring Dodoni

In Galaxidi wheelchair accessible tours, there are several things to do.

On the hill overlooking the village, then, stands the Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos, which houses a fully inlaid wooden iconostasis, a masterpiece of its kind, is certainly worth a quick visit.

In the city park you can admire two ancient monuments.

The tomb of King Locros and the remains of the walls of ancient Oianthi that stood there in times gone by.

To get to know Hirolakas, the second port, you will have to stop at the old Liotrivi, the oil mill and the workshop.

Its balcony overlooking the sea exudes an island atmosphere.

Finally, a walk through the pine-covered Pear Panta ends in the suggestive statue of a Galaxidian woman.

She waves her handkerchief towards the sea while holding her children in her arms.

Galaxidi wheelchair accessible tours is very popular with summer tourism thanks above all to the beautiful beach located about 3 kilometers west of the town.

And to the picturesque streets of the town.

Going up the alleys of the traditional city you will also admire stately homes, domes, and old school buildings now under protection for their historical and architectural importance.

Booking and Travel

Galaxidi wheelchair accessible tours is accessible and can be visited by adapted van.

We viewed and checked for you the main accessibility details, very important for disabled wheelchair users, opening times and ticket costs.

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