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Elegant, perched on a hill overlooking the Val di Chiana.

surrounded by the remains of its Etruscan walls, Cortona wheelchair accessible tours is one of the most charming villages of the Arezzo area.

Ancient Lucumonia, part of the Etruscan dodecaples, is located south east of the Tuscany region, on the border with the Umbria region.

Cortona wheelchair accessible tours is located on a hill about 500 meters above sea level.

As it was for the Etruscan it is also today, placed in a strategic position that allows short trips to reach many places of great interest.

Art in Cortona

Here in the XV century Beato Angelico came to paint and Luca Signorelli began his career.

A couple of centuries later Pietro Berrettini was born, the architect and baroque painter who designed, among other things, Castel Gandolfo and frescoed Palazzo Barberini, and became known as Pietro da Cortona.


The center lives pleasantly on foot, leaving the gaze wandering over medieval and Renaissance facades.

Discovering in the churches the signs of Franciscanism, here very strong, and of the devotion to the patron St Margaret.

Can enjoying beautiful views that reach up to Lake Trasimeno.

The architectural views acquire particular charm thanks to the important differences in level, which make you discover squares and buildings from unusual angles.

Touring Cortona

Cortona wheelchair accessible tours boasts several attractions.

Among the most important the Annunciation of Fra Angelico at the Diocesan Museum.

The MAEC ( Museum of the Etruscan Academy ) in which the Tabula Cortonensis is kept.

There are also many exhibits from various Etruscan areas of the area.

The Fortress of Girifalco built for military purposes, now open to the public.

The Sanctuary of St Margaret, patron saint of the city.

Not miss the Franciscan Hermitage Le Celle, the first convent built by St Francis of Assisi in 1211.

Today a small community of friars lives, here it is possible to visit the small cell where St Francis slept.

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Cortona wheelchair accessible tours unmissable visit at it with our Etruscan Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted transportation.

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