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Camerino Wheelchair Marche Accessible Italy Tours
Camerino Wheelchair Marche Accessible Italy Tours
Camerino Wheelchair Marche Accessible Tours
Camerino Wheelchair Marche Accessible Tours

Camerino Wheelchair Accessible Tours Marche Excursions

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Camerino Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Camerino wheelchair accessible tours, in the center of an unspoiled mountain area, dominates from the top of the hill the large basin bordered to the South-East by the Sibillini Mountains.

It is located in the Marche hinterland almost on the border with Umbria, and is a small gem rich in history and culture that in a bygone era was dominated by the ancient Da Varano lords.

The city of Camerino was awarded the Silver Medal for military valor for the high contribution offered to the cause of the Nazi-Fascist Liberation.

The name Camerino probably derives from the word Kamars which means rock.

Camerino ducal city every year is the scene of the historical re-enactment of the Corsa alla Spada and Palio.

The celebrations in honor of the patron saint St Venanzio last 15 days.

The University of Camerino is one of the oldest in Italy and dates back to 1336.

The Palazzo Ducale houses the ancient University inside, it deserves to be visited to admire the Porticoed courtyard, the Sala degli Sposi with frescoes dating back to the XV century and the beautiful Valentiniana Library which houses a prestigious book collection.

The most illustrious historical period of Camerino is due to the presence of the Da Varano family, between 1444 and 1502.

Giulio Cesare Da Varano, took care of considerable artistic activities in favor of the city until in 1502.

Then Cesare Borgia son of Pope Alexander IV deprived it of the city, except for the young Giovanni Maria, the whole noble family was killed.

Once Cesare Borgia died, Pope Julius II gave the city back to the surviving young man and Pope Farnese created the Duchy that is still known today.

From that moment the city of Camerino was subject to ecclesiastical power.

The ancient center of the Da Varano duchy is known for being an outpost of art and more, here the culinary traditions are well preserved.

Private Camerino Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Disabled friendly Camerino wheelchair accessible tours with a professional guide.

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Touring Camerino

You can begin the tour of Camerino from the Church of the Archiepiscopal Seminary, where the four most representative works of Camerte‘s figurative production have been exhibited.

The Byzantine icon of the XIII century from the church of Santa Maria in Via, the wooden statue of the Madonna della Misericordia, the 1740 altarpiece by Tiepolo.

As well as the Annunciation by Giovanni Angelo D’Antonio.

A must to enjoy the masterpieces.

Not far from this place of worship, we find the Rocca Borgesca, erected in 1503 by Cesare Borgia to control the city.

It is a building immersed in an oasis of greenery that represents a perfect example of Renaissance architecture.

A few meters from the historic center of Camerino, you can admire the Convent of Renacavata.

In the architectural complex of the Convent there are four parts that go from the XVI to the XX century, completely renovated.

The church that existed before the arrival of the Capuchins monks, preserves on the main altar the polychrome terracotta recently attributed to Santi Buglioni.

Depicting the Virgin and Child with St Francis next to him wearing the Capuchin habit.

The Convent of Renacavata di Camerino is closely linked to the beginnings of the Capuchin order.

From here it soon spread throughout Italy and later throughout the world.

From works of art you move on to other treasures, in fact, always not far from the center is the Vallicenter, in the Vallicelle district, where you can buy local specialties.

Among these the Nougat which has been a delight for the palates since the end of the last century,

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