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Umbertide wheelchair accessible tours Umbria excursions

Umbertide wheelchair accessible tours, stands on a green valley dominated by Monte Acuto to the left of the Tiber river.

Of ancient origin of which archaeological finds have not yet been found, Umbertide was Roman with the ancient name of Pitulum.

In later time was destroyed by the Ostrogoths, under the command of Totila.

He would have dismantled the walls, as a plaque walled up in the Town Hall.

Crossed by the Tiber itself and by the Reggia ( or Regghia ) stream.

It has a characteristic historic center still surrounded by medieval walls in the stretches that line the waterways.

One of the monuments of the town is the Rocca, a superb medieval fortress, always a symbol of Umbertide, now used as an Art Exhibition Center.

Umbertide Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Umbertide

Umbertide jealously preserves the Church of St Francis in beautiful Gothic style.

The Church and the Museum of St Croce with the deposition of Luca Signorelli.

Above all the Church of St Mary, from 1486, with frescoes by Pinturicchio.

Umbertide offers interesting excursions in the pristine green of the surrounding hills.

Rich in castles such as Civitella Ranieri, Serra Partucci, Montalto, Romeggio.

Villages such as Monte Migiano, Preggio, St Giuliana and abbeys such as Montecorona.

If you decide to visit Umbertide, the other aspect you cannot give up is the cusine.

In addition to a vast assortment of typical Umbrian products, including salami, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil with a full-bodied great flavor.

You can taste the typical Ambrecciata di Umbertide, a legume soup to be served hot, to which in autumn you can add the roasted chestnuts.

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