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Temple of Antas Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sardinia Excursions

The Temple of Antas wheelchair accessible tours, is a Roman temple dedicated to the adoration of the eponymous God of the Sardinians Sardus Pater Babai.

It stands on the remains of a previous Punic sacred structure, where the Nuragics already practiced the cult of their ancestors.

The peculiarity of this temple is its location, it is in fact isolated in the mountains of Iglesias, very far from cities and human settlements, South of the town of Fluminimaggiore, which gives it even greater charm.

In fact, you can already see it from the overhanging bends of the road connects Iglesias to Fluminimaggiore.

It is immersed in the green of the valley, a truly exciting spectacle, it seems to change the era and immerse yourself in the ancient world.

In ancient times the site was very popular, especially for the abundant deposits of lead and iron, so much so that the Antas Valley has been repeatedly cited as one of the possible locations of Metalla.

Metalla was the famous Roman mining town, never traced with certainty so much so that it has almost become a myth.

The Temple of Antas, mentioned by the famous Egyptian geographer Ptolemy in the II century AD, dates back to the I century BC.

It was renovated several times, up to the major restoration testified by the inscription located on the top of the building, which confirms the placement of the work in the III century AD.

Temple of Antas Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Temple of Antas

The currently visible structure dates back to the Roman age.

A first plant is Augustan, while a second phase of restructuring, with the placement of the inscription of Caracalla in the pediment, dates back to the III century AD.

Confirming the primitive use of the Antas Valley, it is located about 200 meters South West of the Roman temple, a settlement from the Nuragic era, yet to be excavate and studied.

Also worth noting is the presence of an ancient path that connects the Archaeological area to a cave where Nuragic objects were found, most likely linked to the cult of water.

Walking in front of the Temple of Antas, immersed in a wild and completely uninhabited natural context, away from the chaos of big cities and the masses of tourists who flock to Italian beaches and cultural heritage, is an exciting and, we would add, regenerating experience for the spirit. and for the mind, one of the many gifts that Sulcis Iglesiente bestows on the traveler.

Absolutely advisable to be accompanied by one of the nice and prepared tourist guides.

They will show you not only the history, but also the flora and all the characteristics of the place.

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