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Santa Severina wheelchair accessible tours is a small town and is located within the province of Crotone, almost on the tip of Calabria peninsula, like a real pearl.

Representing the beautiful region to which it belongs, Santa Severina stands on a cliff overlooking a valley.

Is located halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Sila Mountains in the position of supreme controller of the Neto River.

Famous for its defensive walls that no enemy could ever penetrate, Santa Severina in the Middle Ages was one of the most admired towns in Calabria and the South Italy.

Unlike many other towns in the area, here the archaeological excavations do not lead to Greek culture but to something previous: the Enotri.

It was proclaimed a religious center directly connected to Byzantium.

Was then the Arabs who occupied it, transforming Santa Severina into one of the defensive pillars of the Neto Valley.

Today it is one of the most interesting destinations in the whole region.

A visit to the village of Santa Severina will allow you to go back in time, among the many testimonies of Norman and Byzantine architecture.

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Touring Santa Severina

Among the best preserved fortresses in all of Southern Italy, the Castle occupies an area of over 10,000 sqm.

Is structured with four cylinder towers placed exactly in the corner boundaries of this square-plan manor.

Its construction dates back to the Norman era, in the XI century, when a previous building was demolished to make room for the defensive structure.

Almost exposed in front of the Castle, the Cathedral overlooks the wonderful town square called Il Campo.

Its construction dates back to the last years of the XII century by the archbishop Ruggero di Stefanuzia.

What we can admire today derives from a series of workings and renovations that took place over the centuries.

Santa Severina is a unique concentration of artistic, monumental and cultural assets and a visit to the village cannot be concluded without visiting the Monastery of the Madonna of Calabria.

Wanted by the Norman and protected by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, it was in the past then transformed into an ancient baronial palace.

The products you will find in Santa Severina are not found in the rest of Calabria.

The bean soup with mint, the “china” or rich pasta… made up of pasta, meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, mozzarella, cured meats and baked.

Here you can also eat fresh pasta with pork ragù.

The local wine triumphs over everything!

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