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Recanati Wheelchair Accessible Tours Marche Excursions

Recanati wheelchair accessible tours, is one of those places where the memory of a man will remain indissoluble.

The hills, the squares, the streets, even the silence speaks to us of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi.

When visit Recanati,  cannot walk the streets without every glimpse that reminds us of his verses.

A village inhabited by poetry, which here can be found in every corner of the town.

But Recanati is not just poetry.

Art, history, music and much more also live in Recanati.

Recanati is, as it is defined, the “City of Good Living“.

You are in the heart of the Marche region, in the province of Macerata, just 30 minutes from Ancona.

In the fascinating scenery of the Conero Riviera, Recanati is located 296 meters from the sea, on the top of Mount Tabor that inspired the poet so much.

Within the ancient city walls, Recanati appears only apparently as one of the many Italian medieval villages.

Of course, there is no shortage of alleys, gates to the town and all those elements that have always characterized them.

It is in its history, in the intelligent variety of proposals to the visitor that it is able to skillfully charm those who visit it.

Visiting Recanati in one day is possible, all the major places of interest are within walking distance.

Walking through its alleys, accompanied by the most famous Leopardi verses positioned along the road, can only brighten the day.

Recanati Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Disabled friendly Recanati wheelchair accessible tours with a professional guide.

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Touring Recanati

Leaving behind the area of the village dedicated to Giacomo Leopardi, we head towards the center of the town, making a brief stop at the Sant’Agostino Complex.

Church and cloister date back to 1270, while the interior has a XVII century makeover.

Continuing towards the center, a few meters from the Sant’Agostino Complex, on the left you will find the Giuseppe Persiani Theater.

Take Via Cavour on the left and you will find the museum dedicated to the internationally renowned tenor Beniamino Gigli, born in Recanati.

Here we are in the main square of the village, dedicated to the poet Leopardi, where the Town Hall and the Torre del Borgo are located.

36 meters high and probably built in 1160 as a symbol of the merger of three Castles that dominated the Recanati hill, today it houses the MURECMuseum of Recanati.

After crossing Via Falleroni, passing in front of the Loggia dei Mercanti, you arrive at the Cathedral of San Flaviano, or the Cathedral of Recanati.

Today only a few traces of the Cathedral of the X century remain in the crypt, the present one dates back to the end of the XIV century.

Impossible not to be fascinated by the XVII century coffered ceiling and the frescoes in the apse from the same period.

Then, if you are interested in a quick but super tasty lunch break, stop in Giacomo Leopardi Square at the butcher’s shop!

A sandwich with porchetta, a nice plate of vincisgrassi, or another among the many typical dishes of Recanati and Marche tradition await you.

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Recanati wheelchair accessible tours.

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