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Nora Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sardinia Excursions

Nora wheelchair accessible tours, is what remains of the city of Phoenician origins located on the Capo Pula promontory, in the province of Cagliari.

The old city is separated from the mainland by a strip of land dominated by the Coltellazzo Tower.

A splendid bay bordered by two promontories.

Romantic flavor, historical charm and naturalistic value within the territory of one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Western Sardinia.

Visiting the Archaeological Park of Nora is a unique emotion, you have the feeling of traveling through time.

A unique landscape that captures you for its beauty and the richness of its historical heritage.

Imagine a city where the Phoenicians arrive on its shores first, then the Carthaginians and finally the Romans who make it a thriving merchant city.

Due to various invasions it was abandoned for centuries until around the ’50s of the last century, it was partially brought to light.

After having explored the ancient city, you can decide to stay some time on the beach and then visit the town of Pula, an explosion of joy.

Colored flags everywhere, children playing with a ball in the central square, patios and squares that open around the corner, a small town but truly capable of transmitting good humor.

Nora Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Nora

Nora was founded at the end of the VIII or VII century BC, between the sea and ponds.

Currently in the ancient commercial center you can see the Phoenician Necropolis, the housing complex and the Punic Tophet.

Among the ancient streets paved in Andesite, everybody can still admire one of the best preserved buildings in Nora, the beautiful Theater, built at the beginning of the I century BC.

Impressive are the thermal structures, often decorated with magnificent mosaics dating back to between the II and IV centuries AD.

Various religious structures such as the Temple of Tanit of the Punic period, located on the hill of the same name, the Temple n. 6 or the Sanctuary of Aesculapius of the II or III century AD.

There are also numerous private housing works, often equipped with water cisterns, built with walls in Opus Caementicium and Africanum.

Sometimes particularly prestigious, such as the Tetrastyle atrium house, with the suggestive mosaics of the III or IV century AD.

Near the sea is the forum, of regular shape, which preserves bases of honorary statues of famous people.

According to many, it is priceless to walk among the ruins, on the ancient Roman paving stones, at sunset.

Just before sunset, the ancient stones and mosaics of the domus are covered with the golden reflections of the grazing light.

The sea horizon takes on incredible colors and the heat of summer becomes less oppressive.

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Nora wheelchair accessible tours.

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