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Narni wheelchair accessible tours Umbria excursions

For those who want to visit Umbria, Narni wheelchair accessible tours it is definitely worth a stop for a visit.

Narni has two particularities that make it unique.

It is in the geographical center of Italy and it gave rise to the chronicles of Narnia.

In this regard, its author, Lewis, said that he was very impressed by the sound of the word Narni found on an atlas in Latin.

For lovers of art history, however, Narni wheelchair accessible tours above all evokes the name of a famous leader.

Referring to Erasmo da Narni, known as Gattamelata, local leader immortalized in a bronze statue by Donatello in Padua.

Walking through the streets of the village is an experience to be discovered.

Gray bricks, medieval vaults and geometric designs.

Timeless alleys and imposing buildings are just some of the peculiarities that are found in this corner of Umbria.

Narni Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Narni

To protect the city stands the Rocca of Narni built in 1300 at the behest of Cardinal Albornoz, from which it takes its name.

Built at the highest point of the hill, the fortress is well preserved.

Thanks also to the numerous restoration interventions, and maintains the original features in the internal courtyard, the kiosk and the arcades that recall the Gothic style.

In 1979, a group of boys passionate about caving accidentally discovered a treasure hidden in the heart of Narni.

The band of the hole, so called for its unusual passion for excavations, brought to light the remains of a church and dungeons used in the times of the Inquisition.

The guided tour is divided into several rooms.

The rooms of a XII century church.

The ancient Roman cisterns, probably originally annexed to a domus.

The remains of the Roman aqueduct of the Formina.

The so-called Room of Torments, the place where interrogations of the Inquisition Court took place, and the adjoining cell for prisoners.

Last gem not to be missed before leaving Narni is the geographical center of Italy.

According to some scientific calculations, in fact, the exact center of Italy is located in Narni at the ancient Roman bridge of Cadorna.

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