Naples National Archaeological Museum Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Naples National Archaeological Museum wheelchair accessible tours

The Naples National Archaeological Museum ( MANN ) is one of the main museums of the city of Naples.

Preserving the richest and most valuable heritage of works of art and artifacts of archaeological interest in Italy.

It is considered one of the most important archaeological museums in the world if not the most important with regard to the history of the Roman era.

Naples National Archaeological Museum, founded by the Bourbons at the end of the XVIII century, is the oldest museum in Europe.

It houses very precious collections and archaeological finds that stood out between the prehistoric and late Roman ages.

At them were added multiple historical collections, including those of the Farnese family, the Borgia and the collection of ancient Egypt.

Conceived as a universal museum, it housed institutes and laboratories.

The Royal Library, the Academy of Design, the Officina dei Papiri, which were later transferred to other locations in 1957.

Following the unification of Italy, the museum became National.

the collections were enriched with finds that come from various excavations carried out mainly in Southern Italy as well as from private collectors.

Naples National Archaeological Museum Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Naples National Archaeological Museum

The formation of the collections is intertwined with the events of the Bourbon family to whom we owe the two founding nucleus of the Museum.

The Farnese collection and the Vesuvian collections ( mosaics, frescoes, objects of everyday life and precious ).

Is the result of the first archaeological explorations promoted by Charles III starting from 1738 in Herculaneum and from 1748 in Pompeii and continued by Ferdinand IV.

Another section of the museum is dedicated to the Pompeian collections, coming from the excavations undertaken in the Vesuvian towns from 1738.

Previously exhibited in the Herculaneum Museum of Portici.

Also worth mentioning are the priceless Numismatic Collection, the extraordinary repertoire of Roman frescoes, the Temple of Isis.

Above all, the reconstruction of the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, the thousands of furnishings in silver, ivory and other precious materials.

The museum is completed by sections dedicated to excavations in Naples, prehistory, proto-history of Campania and Pithecusa ( Ischia, the oldest Greek settlement in the West ).

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Naples National Archaeological Museum wheelchair accessible tours.

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