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Lamezia Terme Sant'Eufemia Wheelchair Calabria Accessible Italy Airports Transfers
Lamezia Terme Sant'Eufemia Wheelchair Calabria Accessible Italy Airports Transfers
Lamezia Terme Sant’Eufemia Wheelchair Accessible Airports
Lamezia Terme Sant’Eufemia Wheelchair Accessible Airports

Lamezia Terme Wheelchair Accessible Calabria Airport Transfers

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Lamezia Terme Accessible Airport

At Lamezia Terme wheelchair accessible Airport, the local company ensures complete assistance, on departure or arrival, to passengers with temporary or permanent reduced mobility, in compliance with the REGULATION.

Outside the airport, the sidewalk in front of the terminal is equipped with ramps and call for assistance interphone.

Inside the airport, the following services are available.

The Sala Amica, equipped with a help phone, located next to the check-in, and a reserved area located in the non-Schengen boarding area.

Also inside the terminal is equipped with lifts equipped with external and internal buttons in Braille alphabet, LOGES paths complete with tactile maps to facilitate the movement of blind and partially sighted people.

Accessible Airport Services


Passengers who need individual assistance are welcomed at the Lamezia Terme airport by the specialized staff of the Sala Amica.

Travelers are assisted during check-in and accompanied through security checks, up to the boarding gate.

If necessary, an ambulift, a special lift, is made available to the passenger for on-board transfer.


The airline reports the presence of the passenger in need of assistance to the airport of arrival.

The local company employee on landing, if necessary, facilitates disembarkation through the use of the ambulift.

The passenger is then accompanied to the document check, baggage claim and outside the airport to the vehicle chosen to reach the desired destination.

The security checkpoints are designed to accommodate wheelchair users and pacemaker wearers.

In all internal areas of the terminal there are toilets duly equipped for people with reduced mobility.

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