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Gradara Wheelchair Marche Accessible Italy Tours
Gradara Wheelchair Marche Accessible Italy Tours
Gradara Wheelchair Marche Accessible Tours
Gradara Wheelchair Marche Accessible Tours

Gradara Wheelchair Accessible Tours Marche Excursions

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Gradara Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Gradara wheelchair accessible tours, is a characteristic village of the Marche famous for its strong medieval aspect and for its superb Castle that dominates the town.

You notice the magnificent Gradara even before arriving, when you see the beauty of a spectacular Castle from the highway.

You arrive and after a few steps in the town you find yourself catapulted into an atmosphere of other times, dominated by a surreal quiet.

Perched on the top of a hill, the historic village of Gradara is surrounded by two ancient city walls and has preserved its medieval atmosphere intact with small streets, shops and taverns.

Walking through the alleys is pleasant and evocative.

But the real attraction is the Castle around which the whole history of Gradara and the families who ruled here takes place.

The Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere.

Thanks to the maintenance of its urban structure and the various renovations it has undergone, Gradara is today one of the most beautiful and intact examples of the historic center of the medieval era.

Much of its notoriety is due to the magnificent, valuable structure and mighty Rocca of the Malatesta, one of the most intact and significant fortifications in Italy.

When you enter you feel as if you are in an embrace equal to that of the walls that gives you security.

Love is already in the air, it may be because the days are so dear to lovers but in the Borgo the feeling reigns beyond any obstacle and limitation, as if to revive the passion of Paolo and Francesca ( Dante Alighieri, the Divine Commedy ).

Not least is the mighty walls with attached towers that surround the entire town of Gradara, giving it an enchanting medieval appearance.

The walls are marked by fourteen towers and a fortified door in which the coats of arms of the Sforza, Della Rovere and Farnese are visible.

Private Gradara Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Disabled friendly Gradara wheelchair accessible tours with a professional guide.

Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full accessible tours around it at previewed itineraries.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with a specialized tourist guide.

Adapted van transportation specifically designed for disabled tourists traveling on holiday to Gradara to Marche.

Touring Gradara

From the main entrance you can walk towards the Path of Lovers which will take you to the upper perimeter of the walls until you reach the wood, outside the city.

Walking through the streets of Gradara you will feel like taking a step back in time, and going back to the Middle Ages.

At the top of the main street you can see the Malatesta Fortress.

The road is all uphill, take your time because it is very steep, but thanks to the many shops and taverns the ascent will be “sweeter”!

The Fortress of Gradara is interesting for at least two reasons.

On the one hand the historical and architectural value.

The other the suggestion of the love story between Paolo and Francesca, which according to legend seems to have been consumed within its walls.

Taking advantage of the guided tours, you can walk through its rooms and learn about the uses and customs of the time.

From medieval clothes and armor, to weapons, instruments of torture of the time and other architectural curiosities.

For the more adventurous and nature lovers, you will also find the Teatro dell’Aria, where you can attend shows of hawks, eagles, vultures and owls.

After visiting Gradara and enjoying its beauties, sit down and it also satisfies the palate.

The local kitchens offer delicious recipes that use local products accompanied by excellent wines from the Marche.

The dishes, based on genuine meat and vegetables, are washed down with Sangiovese wine but also with high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Typical dish of Gradara are the Tagliolini with the Bomb, a traditional peasant dish whose curious name derives from the method of preparation.

The ingredients are “poor” and the procedure is also quick and easy.

Fry the onion and lard ( or fat bacon ) with a little oil.

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Gradara wheelchair accessible tours.

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