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Gallipoli Wheelchair Apulia Accessible Italy Tours
Gallipoli Wheelchair Apulia Accessible Italy Tours
Gallipoli Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Gallipoli Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Gallipoli Wheelchair Accessible Tours Disabled Apulia Excursions

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Gallipoli Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Apulia accessible tours Gallipoli disabled excursions is romantically called the pearl of the Ionian Sea and once you arrive in its streets is not hard to guess why.

Its particular shape, the old city sharply divided from the modern part of the city, churches and ancient monuments, narrow streets, the ancient XVII century bridge and pristine beaches, make this incredibly unique city.

Apulia accessible tours Gallipoli disabled excursions is a fascinating city, waiting to be discovered.

Touring Gallipoli

Inside fact, it is hiding extraordinary beauty items, purely conserving the history of this ancient maritime city.

The old town of the city of Gallipoli, is on an island of calcareous origin and is therefore completely surrounded by the sea.

Here you will find the old aristocratic mansions and beautiful historic buildings, such as Palazzo del Seminario and the Palazzo Venneri.

Without forgetting the numerous churches of the exceptional features, such as the Church of Purity and the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Then unmissable the visit to the Castello Angioino and the historic Courts, as the Gallo Court and St Anthony.

The Greek Fountain acts as a link between the old and the new part of the city suburb, and is considered by some to be the oldest fountain of Italy.

Gallipoli Nightlife

Gallipoli during the summer becomes one of the most frequented of Salento because every day there are important events that enrich the long evenings of summer Apulia accessible tours Gallipoli disabled excursions.

A trip to Gallipoli will ensure days full of entertainment, be it appointments with local tradition or events in the name of modernity, you have no way to get bored.

Do you expect many opportunities for discovery and fun to share with friends, family or your loved one, making your holiday truly memorable.

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Apulia accessible tours Gallipoli disabled excursions unmissable visit at it with our Apulia Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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