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Foligno wheelchair accessible tours Umbria excursions

Foligno wheelchair accessible tours, is one of the most characteristic villages of this beautiful Umbria region.

Here the Middle Ages really left indelible traces.

Every street corner, you can find the living evidence of its rich past.

Umbria is the ideal place for all fans of the Middle Ages and of the delightful medieval villages.

In this land so green, where the mountains alternate with forests, there are some of the oldest cities on the peninsula.

Have been considered for several years among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The city, one of the few to rise on a plain, right in the center of the Umbrian Valley, in the province of Perugia, is a treasure trove to be discovered slowly.

The city, between Assisi and Spoleto, has very ancient origins that you can review in the elegant architecture of the city and in the churches.

It is traditionally known as the center of the world because it is located in the center of the Italian peninsula.

Which in turn is located in the center of the Mediterranean, once considered the known world.

Foligno Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Foligno

In the main square of the city, do not miss a visit to the most important church in the city.

The Cathedral of San Feliciano a baroque-neoclassical building, which contains some important works by Corraduccio and Mannini.

Palazzo Trinci is absolutely worth a visit because it is one of the most important stately homes in Italy and was built in the second half of the 1300s.

It is worth a visit for the Chapel, which houses the paintings of Ottaviano Belli.

Frescoes by Gentile da Fabriano and for the works of art kept inside the Pinacoteca.

Inside the Palace you will also find the Archaeological Museum.

Adjacent to the Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo Orfini is an elegant XVI century building which today houses the Museum of Printing.

It is here that it was printed in the first edition of the Divine Comedy in 1472.

Inside the former church of the Holy Trinity which today is home to the Italian Center of Contemporary Art, there is a work of art that is worth a visit.

The Cosmic Magnet by Gino de Dominicis.

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