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Cumae Wheelchair Naples Accessible Italy Tours
Cumae Wheelchair Naples Accessible Italy Tours
Cumae Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Cumae Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Cumae wheelchair accessible tours day Naples excursions

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<b>Herculaneum </b>
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Cuma wheelchair accessible tours, you will find the archaeological area of the oldest Greek colony in Italy.

It was subsequent only to the provisional occupation of the Island of Ischia, the ancient Pithekoussai.

Is located in the Campi Flegrei area, a short distance from Naples.

This spread Greek culture in Italy by spreading the Chalcidian alphabet, the one assimilated by the Etruscans and the Latins.

The Archaeological Park of Cuma is a place of great interest to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Different from the more famous archaeological excavations of Pompeii, the tourist route offers numerous attractions of great antiquity and inestimable value.

Going up the fortified hill, along a path full of history and mythology, you can visit the suggestive and mysterious Cave of the Sibyl.

You can admire from above the imposing Cocceio Cave that connected the city with the port.

The route will continue along the sacred road to reach the ancient Acropolis where you can admire the remains of the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Jupiter.

The area of Cumae and the Phlegraean Fields is very rich in history and natural beauties and on the way back you can also make a stop near the Fusaro Lake which is not far from the archaeological site to take some shots.

You will return for sure because here you spend a very rich day because there are still many other places to discover.

Cumae Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Naples and Sorrento disabled friendly accessible guided tours and cruise shore excursions.

Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full Cumae wheelchair accessible tours accessible tours around it at previewed itineraries.

Visit this rich and fascinating archeological site with a specialist tourist guide.

Adapted van transportation specifically designed for disabled tourists traveling on holiday to Italy.

Touring Cumae

The Myth of the Cumaean Sibyl is intimately connected to Cumae.

The guided tour of the Sibyl’s Cave is also included in the guided tour of the Archaeological Park of Cuma.

What is identified as the cave where Aeneas ( in the third book of the Aeneid ) goes to interrogate the oracle of the Cumaean Sibyl is, to this day, a destination of considerable interest for world tourism in the region.

Cumae is divided into three areas.

The Acropolis, the Lower City, the Amphitheater.

The Acropolis, immersed in a wild landscape that dominates from above, is the most evocative part of the park.

Away from the noise and immersed in an oasis of tranquility and mystery.

The Lower City houses the forum, the Temple of Jupiter, the Thermal Complex.

The Amphitheater is among the oldest in the Roman world.

Of the Acropolis of Cumae the Greek walls still remain, from the end of the V century. BC.

With subsequent renovations in the Samnite era and up to the Roman triumviral era.

Within the urban area are the remains of the Roman Crypt, the remains of a grandiose thermal building from the imperial age, the Forum, recently explored.

There are also numerous tombs of Greek and Roman citizens.

Booking & Travel

Cumae wheelchair accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Naples & Sorrento Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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