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Corinaldo Wheelchair Accessible Tours Marche Excursions

Corinaldo wheelchair accessible tours, is located in the heart of the Marche region, in the province of Ancona.

In a strategic position nestled on a hill between the Misa and Cesano streams, Corinaldo is said to have been built by the inhabitants of Suasa fleeing the invasion of the Goths.

Its walls from the end of the XIV century and its medieval urban structure are preserved in an almost perfect way.

Visitors arriving from the nearby Adriatic Coast, Corinaldo presents itself as a wonderful mix of historical, artistic, spiritual elements and popular tradition.

The center of the village, with its typically medieval character, is a succession of narrow streets and brick houses.

Corinaldo is the Middle Ages made perfection.

The historic core of the town, is enclosed by almost a kilometer of walls in excellent condition, built with the typical red bricks of the Marches.

Overall looks like a castle perched on the hill where the towers, the buttresses, the fortified access gates and the guard bulwarks indicate its past as a fortified village.

The Sienese Francesco di Giorgio Martini, painter, sculptor, architect and eclectic artist well introduced to the Court of the Duke of Urbino and creator of numerous fortresses and defensive castles as well as a vast production of paintings and sculptures, also worked on the design of the defense system.

Corinaldo Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Corinaldo

Corinaldo is a village that can be enjoyed pleasantly on foot.

Walking and looking from one side of the city to the other at a certain point in a side street near one of the most photographed stairways in the Marche, Via Piaggia.

Halfway up there is the Pozzo della Polenta, that is the well in the historical point where the popular legend that is the basis of the traditional Contesa originated, an event that takes place every third Sunday of July.

That recalls the victory won by the Corinaldesi in the 1517 against the army of the ousted Duke of Urbino, Francesco Maria I Della Rovere, who for twenty days had unsuccessfully besieged the fortification of Corinaldo.

Is Corinaldo also known as “the city of madmen”!!

But here the term “crazy” is in a completely positive sense.

Because the Corinaldesi with great capacity for ingenuity, creativity, and cunning in turning situations and events in their favor.

And there is also a “crazy passport” that can be obtained during the Feast of Fools held in spring.

The gastronomic tradition is linked to the land and agriculture, which means that cheeses and sausages are exquisite.

You can have lunch in Corinaldo with a very rich cutting board in the taverns with a few tables, good cuisine, a beautiful cellar and high quality products, almost all locally produced.

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Corinaldo wheelchair accessible tours.

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